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I’m Victoria and I guess if you’re reading this then you want to find out a bit more about me. To be honest I’m not really sure how much more I can reveal about my life- after all you already know pretty much everything about the trauma of my Near Death and my epic struggles with near life (not that I like to talk about it of course).

You also know that I am married to Porl and have three children, Frog (5) Thug (3) and Grump his twin sister (also 3, duh). They really are as annoying as I make out in the blog, but sadly my mum seems to like them and won’t let me ditch them and so I guess I’m stuck with them for a good while longer.

What you may not know is that I am also a fully qualified Philosophy lecturer and a professional copywriter. I love teaching and I love writing- much more so than Nearly Dying in fact- but it was the Nearly Dying that inspired me to first take up writing professionally and I started my copywriting business last year whilst on bed rest from one of my many hilarious reconstruction operations.

Since Nearly Dying I’ve found that I don’t seem to have THE FEAR anymore- you know THE FEAR? Fear of failure. Fear of what other people may think. Fear of change. Well I can tell you for sure, there’s nothing quite like Nearly Dying to make you realise that actually THE FEAR is really just a bunch of crap.

So, I started blogging and writing for businesses and now I am in the envious position of being able (just about) to juggle all the stuff I love doing, and some stuff that I don’t like doing (like spending time with the kids), and still pay the mortgage. I also have fantastic tits and a flat stomach so in many ways Nearly Dying was actually the best thing to have nearly happened to me. I can thoroughly recommend it.

If you like the way that I write (or even if you don’t) you might want to check out my professional website. Believe it or not I can actually write some proper clever dick stuff when I’m being paid to…. and when I’m not being paid I blog about my boobs…. The fact that my business site has less traffic than my blog site suggests that for most people boobs are infinitely more interesting than clever dick articles and white papers- who knew?

I think that’s pretty much everything but if there’s anything else you want to know about me do get in touch. I read and respond to EVERY message I receive- even the ones from complete idiots- so don’t be shy. And if any of you are thinking about doing something cool and groovy but THE FEAR is holding you back- Fuck it! Just do it anyway-

I’ll be updating my blog regularly so please do check back from time to time, the more visitors I get to the site the nearer I get to qualifying for some advertising revenue. If you’re too disorganised or lazy to check back regularly then you can sign up at the bottom of this page to receive an email notification every time I post. Cool huh?

Stay awesome, keep reading and have No Fear- seriously- what’s the worst that can happen??

Victoria x

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